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Short Story! And then... [Nov. 1st, 2015|12:13 pm]
CritiWriting: Let's Critique Eachother's Writing!



OK, so Tarnished is out and I'm working on a more Swords & Sorcery-oriented piece. It's yet another version of Ace and Queen, which I am re-imagining as a totally different story.

Annastacia is dying because she is attuned to the dreamworld and it's slowly claiming her soul from her body. This sorceress has a treasure called the Phylactery that is said to hold souls, so it might anchor Anna to reality. Problem is, a thieve's guild wants it too and has blackmailed Wolf Boy into stealing it for them. Now he has to figure out how to steal the phylactery from a powerful wizard AND save Anna from the guild.

The premise is hard to condense, so that makes me wonder if it's too complicated for a short story. "A demi-human boy must infiltrate a wizard's mansion to steal an ancient relic that can save his girlfriend's life." Okay, maybe not. Either way, I think it's solid. It currently has an outline and everything, I'm just struggling to write the opening as I always am.

Other than that, I'm toying with the ideas for Pandora (which is kind of be a different story, since the titular "Pandora" is no longer even part of the concept). I have nothing really of note on it yet. I did a couple of RYP exercises but I've otherwise been thinking about short stories. So bad about juggling multiple projects at once here.

I intend to finish all my beta reading today, otherwise.