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Outlining, Outlining [Jan. 20th, 2013|11:42 am]
CritiWriting: Let's Critique Eachother's Writing!



I made some progress, but only like two or three chapters. The work on my bathroom has been distracting me something awful and I don't feel terribly inspired otherwise. I do not know why. I think I just need the appropriate music.

Such music is not easy because my main musical inspiration for Akashya's world is like, Persona 2, one Evanescence album and one Within Temptation album. And the latter two don't work so well while writing because they have a lot of vocals and vocals can be invasive because I concentrate on them. There isn't much in the way of modern sounding, atmospheric music. Sirenia was a lot easier in this regard because I just Kajiura'd the hell out of that.

I'll try to get more done today, though I have to be out and about soon. I don't yet know how many chapters I want this to be, either. I figured however many I land on when I reach the end of my summary is however many it shall be. But ideally, I would like it to be between 10 and 15 at the most.

Anyway, that is all I got!

[User Picture]From: asriopia
2013-01-20 06:16 pm (UTC)
I'm sorry that life is getting in the way right now! :( Any progress is better than no progress, though.

Do you have all of the Persona soundtracks? If you skim through the 2009 and 2008 soundtracks on GameMP3s you can find the P3 and P4 soundtracks. 2009 also has the The World Ends with You + Subarashii Kono Sekai soundtrack, too, which is /NOT/ the same as the standard The World Ends With You soundtrack. It's all remixes, plus songs that AREN'T on the original soundtrack. That's a little quirky, but at least it's modern.

Hope you find something you can focus on, though!

As for chapters, I can tell you a trick that helped me! I've been obsessing about word count. OBSESSING. (I actually have an Excel file where I'm tracking the word count for every chapter. It automatically tracks the total for me, too.)

I decided that I was going to do moderately long chapters at 3,500 - 4,000 words long. Then I decided that I wanted to be near the "average" length for a YA novel, which is about 70 - 80,000 words. Then it was just math. At ~4,000 words, that's 18 - 20 chapters.

I had a couple of 5,000 word monstrosities in the middle, and they threw off my total here. If I split the Christopher chapter (which is ~5,500 words) into 2 chapters, then I've ended up exactly where I thought I'd be. \c.c/

If you're feeling REALLY organized, you can:

* Decide how long your story should be
* Decide what your average chapter length will be
* Determine the number of chapters
* Then use story structuring to pinpoint where the 1/4, 1/2, and 3/4 point hits in your story.

... Because that tutorial gives you some rough estimates about when major events should fall. So then you can pinpoint the approximate chapters when major events should fall. You don't even have to know what they are yet. Just "Hey, if I'm going to have a story that's ~15 chapters long, I guess the introduction has to be done by chapter 3 or 4, and everything should be coming to a crisis around 7 or 8."

You change everything when you write, of course. But it helped me immensely.
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[User Picture]From: parakain
2013-01-21 12:28 am (UTC)
P3 and P4 are quite different than P1 and P2 musically. They're full of hip hoppish pop-style vocals. Very similar to TWEWY actually. Here's some examples to share:


Both OSTs are fantastic and I recommend checking them out. They're not 100% what I'm looking for for this, though.

I'm checking out that blog. Maybe that'll help me organize this better since I know what I want to happen on a general level and am working on the specific.

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[User Picture]From: asriopia
2013-01-21 03:59 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I checked out P4's music ages ago when someone linked me one kinda-interesting song. On the whole, I really didn't like it at all. :\

Ah well! Sorry that I don't have any ideas otherwise. I looked through my music, and I /really/ don't have any dark modern music. I found an old stash of Yoko Kanno/Ghost in the Shell stuff, but I'm pretty sure you sent me that originally anyway.
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