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CritiWriting: Let's Critique Eachother's Writing!
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This is a little community that a few friends threw together to get them to get off their rear ends and write. There are a few rules:

- You have to do something every week. Monday is the weekly deadline (so use your weekends well!) Editing something you had up before is fine, but it's better to write something new.

- Don't worry about the quality. Or, well, DO try to write the best you can, but DON'T worry about it so much that you panic, feel compelled to edit too much, or stop writing entirely.

- It's okay to post story ideas/outlines/whatever if you think getting feedback will help you.

- Don't give up! The goal here is to finish what you start whenever possible. Of course, if your story just really isn't working out, you're more than free to ditch it and start on something else. But whenever possible, push through the hard parts and finish what you start.

(As you can tell, we're very geared towards writing novels and short stories.)

And finally:

- Give constructive criticism on everything you can. Despite the name of the community, we try not to be jerks. Tell people what they did well. Don't worry about copyedits. (No one's doing a lot of editing, after all.) Try to think big and offer broad suggestions.

That's it!

If you want to write, ask parakain or asriopia. It's a little lonely in here, so we're glad for company.

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